The Rose from the Concrete – The Voice Of a Generation.

If this was Jeopardy the answer would read:
The two greatest poets of the English Language,
One was a playwright & the other a  musician.
Of course the question would be: Who are William Shakespeare and Tupac Shakur?

You may think that this is nonsense and that there is no truth to this outlandish statement; but let me assure you this decision was made only after years of deliberation, amassing a knowledge of the worlds greatest poetry and the respective poets who wrote them.  The English language is a very plain and unpoetical language. This is why Shakespeare has lasted this long, because no other person is able to do what he has done with this unflattering excuse for a language.  For this reason it is not possible to compare the Persian poets like Rumi and Hafiz to Shakespeare. The Persian language is simply a far more poetic and diverse language, and the playing field is not even.  Now take Tupac, and what he has accomplished with the same bland language. One of the favorite example to use is his famous song, “Me and My Girlfriend” which he creates an allegory describing his gun as his girlfriend. Rap Music is very new form of poetry, and Tupac will not be given his fair credit for another 500 years, but that is the price of greatness, a very long waiting period where everyone around the world finally comes to realize how special his art truly was. Tupac was best known for his multi-platinum albums, but he also had a flourishing acting career.  He played in such movies as Poetic Justice, Gridlock’d and Above the Rim; with stars including Janet Jackson and Tim Roth.  He watched a lot of television as a child and he always thought that if he could emulate the people he saw, and that way he could have some of their happiness too. In a time where everyone on television is a complete fake, it was a necessity to have such a real young man appear in the lime light.  Although most would not categorize him as a role model, it was obvious that he was one. He showed us all that, although being real and true to yourself is never easy, there was someone out there that stayed true even though he was surrounded by fakes.

His life will always be the voice of our generation, and his words are even more relevant today then ever before. He showed us the different sides of a man, and most people simply could not handle that fact. Everyone has been brought up believing this fairy tale story about mankind, but reality is beautiful and strange and magnificent. To be a man, is to be hundreds of different things all at once, and Tupac Shakur was all of those. He was a born Leader, and although he may have been given all this pressure and power at only 22 years young, he always knew what was coming for him, even when death was just around the corner.

The tragic part in all this, is the sad state our society has fallen into, where instead of embracing a brilliant rose from the concrete, we allow our fears – with the help of the media, who manipulates everything, and perpetuates racism  and discriminates against anyone who speaks up against our system – we allow our fears to control our reason and somehow we lock up and kill these brilliant fearless people. The reason Tupac got into the trouble he did was because of the way he lived his life,  as he said himself because of  “his big mouth”. He always spoke his mind, and in this society, where he was surrounded with brainless sheep, it is always a dangerous game to play.  Even though he had a big mouth, he also had a huge heart, and it is a loss to the world to lose  a born leader,someone as good and creative as Tupac. One of the most tragic occurrences on this planet is that the Good Die Young, and the evil men live to be 90 years old. (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Khomenei)

For all the controversy that this young poet had in his life, it should not come as a surprise that his death is still one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time.  If someone was to sit down and listen to his music, especially the final albums, it is clear he is aware that death is coming for him, and it is almost prophetic the way he went about the last year of his life.It is still unclear what happened in his last night in Las Vegas, and still to this day, people around the world still hold believe that he faked his own death, and is living somewhere save and sound making music and writing poetry.

God Bless you Tupac Amaru Shakur, God Bless you wherever you may be.

hopefully you’re in Jamaica sippin’ daiquiris 


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One Response to The Rose from the Concrete – The Voice Of a Generation.

  1. Reza Reply

    June 3, 2011 at 15:31

    I totally agree with your remark about English language. It’s just not poetic in nature.

    I also love the Good Die Young part …. so true and so sad.

    Tupac was one of a kind rapper, a lyricist and poet.

    I’m gonna be blasting Tupac all day

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