The River of Life

The onne thing I can tell you, and probably the only thing that I can definitely say is :

Life, it goes on.

It is a river and it is very difficult to go against the current.   The best option is to go with the flow and be who you are during the ride.  Everyone throughout life has faced misery, and although there are many changes to society, there is no less suffering, just a different kind.


The River does not stop for anyone.

You can sit next to it and watch it go by, or you can jump in the world of chaos and randomness and all the other incredibly insane things that are happening, and have fun while your ride last…

Meanwhile the river keeps going well after your trip is done.

Now Jump in before it’s too late

One Response to The River of Life

  1. bst Reply

    March 19, 2012 at 13:19

    We are vessels. Tiny cargo ships. We travel with ideas and thoughts along this river until the leaks we’ve sprung lead us to sink. We all sink. By what we’ve carry outlives us. We pass it to other boats so that it can keep travelling. I may not know or understand everything that I’m carrying, but someone will. Eventually.

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