George Orwell – A Unique Biography from a Passionate Fan

Eric Blair is my favorite author, so I write this biography – Incomplete as it may be – with the most adoration one can have for a person they have never met. Contrary to the norm, I will not be spending time with unimportant and ponderous biographical information, but instead will focus on the areas of his life that have ignited so many emotions and passions within me.

Eric Arthur Blair was born in India, in 1903 and he died in 1950, only 46 years young. Although he only began writing seriously at the age of 30, from a very young age he knew he wanted to be a writer. He even tried to abandon the idea of being a writer, but his true nature won out and he finally settled down and wrote some magical books. His dissertation called “Why I Write” is the perfect handbook for any future writer. In this thought provoking essay, he explains the reasons why he always knew he wanted to be a writer and what characteristics and desires are common to all writers. Since he always knew he was to be a writer, he obviously possessed the same motives that he speaks about in his wonderfully introspective essay. From this honest work, we can get a better idea about who Eric Blair truly was.

He was not only a brilliant, intellectual, one of a kind genius with a vision beyond his time, but he was also a man with all the same flaws and contradictions as all of us. He believed that every writer partly wrote out of sheer egoism, in other words, they think they know something others do not and obviously he subscribed himself to this as well. (If you read 1984 you will see that yes in fact he does know something others do not and that he had a very accurate vision of the future). Somehow he was able to accomplish this while completely erasing his own personality from his works and making the reader feel like it is his own opinion rather than the authors.

The book that allows you to see the most into Eric Blair – the man – is Down and Out in Paris and London. In this – his first successful book – he depicts his time as a tramp in two of the biggest cities in Europe. Here you get an insight on the reality of a young Eric Blair and the strength of his character. It is always when you are in the worst situations in life, when you have hit rock bottom and have been reduced to near nothingness that you learn the most about yourself and in turn show your true spirit. It was because of this book, that the name George Orwell was born. For the sake of his family, he decided that it would be a good idea to use a pseudonym, instead of revealing to everyone the kind of life he lived in poverty. He himself had no problem about it, but he knew his well to do family would be embarrassed, maybe even ashamed of having their son be known as a tramp.

Although Eric Blair wrote hundreds and hundreds of wonderful essays, novels and dissertations; he will always be remembered for Big Brother, the 3 Slogans, and doublespeak. He died shortly after completing his masterpiece, and to this day, we still make reference to Big Brother and the messages written in that prophetic story. The book will become more and more relevant the closer the new world order gets to complete control. Everyday the world resembles more and more the vision that Eric Blair had, and everyday we notice how much he was aware of the world situation, and how close to truth his vision really was. Because of his book, we can now tell when the governments and the elite are creating fake wars and manipulating the news for their own benefits.


Disasters like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor fit perfectly into the whole Big Brother scheme he speaks so adamantly and negatively about. Because of his preemptive warnings over 50 years ago, the intelligent human beings already know what the governments are doing to brainwash the proles, and now with the internet (maybe the one thing Eric Blair did not see) we stand a chance to wake the proles up and take back our freedoms we have lost. If there was one purpose George Orwell had, it was to write 1984, for it contains secrets that can only be matched in Rumi and Dostoevsky.

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